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**Breeder of TICA’s 2nd Best Ragdoll Cat (TICA IW SGC WillowTreeRags Mr. Bennett) & 2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten (TICA RW QGC WillowTreeRags Bernice), INTERNATIONALLY for 2022-2023!!!**

WillowTreeRags Bernice… BEST RAGDOLL KITTEN at the 2022 TICA Annual & Best of the Best Ragdoll Kitten in the Ragdoll Congress.
We currently have a few Seal Point Bicolor kittens ready to find their new homes this Summer, see our “Available Kittens” page!

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World Renowned Ragdolls in Massachusetts!

TICA, CFA and ACFA Registered Cattery!

TICA OS RW SGC/CFA GC. WillowTreeRags’ Apollo Amadeo at 6 months of age, his first show

Welcome to WillowTreeRags! We are a small, hobby Ragdoll Cattery located in Southeastern Massachusetts. We have been breeding ragdolls since 2002 (21 years). The cattery is cared for and maintained by Mable Roberts (owner). Mable has held position as an elected TICA Breed Committee Member for two separate terms (2012-2017), and was elected RFCI’s Northeast Regional Director from 2011-2013. We are a cage-less cattery, and prefer that our cats are raised underfoot living with us in our home which is truly designed around their comfort and care. All of our ragdoll cats are very well socialized, and greet all visitors with purrs and their docile personalities. It’s important to us that each and every one of our Ragdoll cats and kittens are healthy, true to the breed’s trademark temperament, properly socialized, and that each kitten we produce holds the elegance and beauty that the original Ragdoll was known for and what made this breed so special. We are registered with TICA, CFA, and ACFA. We started showing our ragdolls in 2005, and have had great success. We continue working very hard to produce some of the world’s top Winning Ragdolls among a trove already of Regional Winners, Supreme Grand Champions in TICA. Our cats have been shown worldwide in various associations outside of TICA and are world renowned for their incomparable quality and our “WillowTreeRags look”. Our goals are endless and more titles are always in progress! We base our cattery on preserving the natural ragdoll, and keeping our lines both as pure as possible and genetically healthy! Each of our breeding cats are DNA tested for all known genetic diseases which may lead to illness including HCM and PKD. 

We breed our ragdolls in order to strive for the “true ragdoll” in all aspects. All of the kittens produced here are floppy, loving and total purr machines! WillowTreeRags’ kittens have a set of vibrant blue eyes, and bunny-soft coats. We promise genetic health, and an all around healthy kitten when they leave our home. Our kittens are well socialized with other cats and child. They are raised around many household items at a young age, so they are accustom to them when they arrive at your home! They are very trusting animals, which is why they are so laid-back and loving! Our ragdolls go home at the age of 13-14 weeks, with TICA and/or CFA registration papers (including show rights), 2 sets of shots, free of internal/external parasites (dewormed), and a 5 year genetic health guarantee. Our Ragdolls are all given a “mini” show bath before they leave, and come with a new “kitten kit” made especially for our kittens to go home with. We don’t believe in declawing- it’s extremely inhumane, and by signing our contract, you will also agree to never declaw.

We try our best to keep our ragdolls 100% traditional, which is somewhat rare to come across in current times. Our lines are clean, with minimal (or NO) outcrossing to any other breeds, so we’re sure our kittens keep all of the ragdoll traits so precious to the breed. Many breeders outcross with other breeds to “try” improving the ragdoll, this leads to many faults that are noticeable to even those who are not overly familiar with the breed. These cats may have very small ears, owl-like or round eyes, dull/almost black or extremely light eyes, excessively long, matting, Persian-like coats. None of these traits are from the TRADITIONAL ragdoll lines. Ragdolls should have medium sized, rounded ears, with vibrant blue oval shaped eyes, and their coat color should contrast with their beautiful point color. Ragdolls should have a plush, uniform/medium-length “bunny” coat. Ragdolls do not tend to mat as much as other cats because of their unique coat type, which only exist in the traditional lines. Ragdoll require only minimal grooming, unlike other longhaired breeds. They should have more fur around the mane and hindquarters/tail. Ragdolls should have a large-strong frame, and thick boning (even in the females). Male ragdolls are usually around 16-20 pounds once full grown and neutered, females should be around 12-15 pounds when full grown and spayed, on average. Our ragdoll cats are available in Blue and Seal exclusively in the Colorpoint, Mitted, and Bicolor pattern. We sometimes have flames, and torties available. We do NOT breed solids and minks, as they are NOT traditional ragdolls, and do NOT have blue eyes.

If you are considering bringing a Ragdoll Kitten into your home, please contact us. We’d love to tell you more about our cattery and would love to educate you about the breed or answer anymore questions you may have. Everybody who adopts a ragdoll kitten from us becomes part of the WillowTreeRags Family, and we’re always available for support, as everybody who’s had experience with our ragdolls can tell you! We do ship our kittens, however, we do like to meet our pet owners in person at our home. We would also love to meet anybody at cat shows we are attending. To see where we’re headed next visit our “Show” page. Thank you so much for visiting with our kitties, we hope you enjoy looking around, reading more about us, our cats, and the history of the ragdoll. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, or think that you may be ready for a sweet little ragdoll baby of your own!