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WillowTreeRags' Extended Family

WillowTreeRags' Ziggy & Zoe

Blue Point Bicolor & Blue High White Bicolor
Ch. Angaline's Donatello X Lady Abigale Byers A.K.A. "Xanka"
"Our two Ragdolls from WTR are
mellow and companionable, a joy in every way. Raised in a loving home
environment, they are healthy, well-adjusted pets and we highly
recommend WTR as a caring, thoughtful breeder."

WillowTreeRags' Giorgio Armani of TeddyDolls

Seal Point Bicolor
Ch. Angaline's Donatello X TrexDolls' Clancy
Dear Mable,

The kitten we purchased from you, Giorgio Armani, exceeds our expections. He is so loving and wants to be around us all the time. He is also a "purr machine".  He is very intelligent as well, and loves to play fetch with us. Besides these wonderful characteristics, Giorgio Armani is absolutely gorgeous and is perfectly marked. We expect great things from him in the show ring this year. What has really amazed us is your willingness to work closely with us and your going above and beyond to assist us with any and all questions we might have, even after the purchase to this day.  We can really tell that you love and care about every kitten that comes from your cattery, and we would highly recommend you to those who would like to add a wonderful ragdoll to their lives.

Lisa and Steve Pate of Teddydolls

WillowTreeRags' Maximillion

Blue "High White" Bicolor
CH. Angaline's Donatello X Lady Abigale Byers (A.K.A. "Xanka")

When I lost my very much loved Maine Coon cat unexpectedly in October 2005, I knew that I needed another baby in my home. On a whim, I happened to google "Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Massachusetts" and, lo and behold, I saw Max for the first time. Love at first sight...you bet!
Anette & Mable truly raised him in a happy, loving home. He is a pure joy and everyone that sees and meets him "ooh and ahh" over him...can't blame them, of course! My only regret is that when I drove to Mansfield to get him, I only left with one Ragdoll!
Highly recommend WillowTreeRags to folks looking for top-notch, loving, fluffy, sweet-tempered Ragdoll Kittens.
Thanks for my baby!!!

WillowTreeRags' Hero

Blue Colorpoint
Ch. Angaline's Donatello X Lady Abigale Byers
Hi Mable!
Hero is doing great! Hero quickly acclimated to our family life. He is very smart, fiesty, and curious. He also loves people and follows us everywhere. He sleeps with us at night and curls up next to us when we read and watch T.V. (when he is not fighting dust bunnies or imaginary trespassers). He has a big appetite, and has never missed the litter box! I also wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your cattery. You both clearly love your animals and care about their well being. We also loved the "Kitty-Kit" you sent home with us. Thank you for everything.

WillowTreeRags' Bentley (formerly known as "Poco")

Seal "Mid- High White" Bicolor
TrexDolls' Clancy X Angalines' Donatello

Dear Mable,
 First I'd like to thank you for such a wonderful ragdoll.  Bentley is a loving cat not only with people, but with my other cats also. I call him my lil love bug even though he is the biggest of all my cats. He is very playful, especially when it comes to his favorite toy, the leopard mouse.  Bentley has grown to be handsome just like his dad, Donatello. He is everything that a ragdoll should be, and more.  If your looking for a traditional ragdoll, I highly recommend WillowTree Ragdolls. Thanks for my baby Bentley : )

Icedolls' Summer of WillowTreeRags

Lilac Colorpoint
(AUS Import)
Dear Mable & Anette;  I am writing to tell you how happy our family is with
Summer, our new lilac girl.  She is a dream doll, loving and purring all the
time.  Anyone of us can pick her up and she is always happy, crooning as if
she is in heaven.  She really never acted afraid since we have had her, even
on the long trip home.  She is fast friends with our male and we can tell
that whoever had her took time to make her into the lover that she is.  As
far as looks, everyone thinks she is absolutely beautiful, and her coat is
as soft as silk.  Thank you so much for all you have done for us.  You have
been not only professional, but much more courteous and friendly than lots
of other breeders out there.  And I was so happy to see how your cats are
housed, right there with you in your home.  I have never seen more spoiled
cats, and I can tell they are well loved and never in cages.  I look forward
to hearing of your success in the upcoming cat shows.  Kind regards,  Cathy
K.  Richmond, VA

WillowTreeRags' Gypsy

Blue Tortie Mitted w/blaze

DGC. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen X PerfectRags' Maggie is a Mystery

  Hi Mable:  We hope you and your family had a nice summer - we check the website often and can see that you have been busy welcoming lots of new kings/queens/kittens to your cattery!

We have had a wonderful summer too with our new addition to the family - Gypsy!  I thought we would send along some photos so you can see her - she seems to look a lot like Hans and also has the pretty cream coloring of Maggie too in her face, and on her front/hind areas of her paws.  We have noticed the past few weeks that she is darkening up a bit in a few spots on her back.  We of course think she is quite stunning and we get lots of compliment on her from friends and even our veterinarian staff - her unique coloring and beautiful blue eyes make her quite the original looking beauty.

She just got spayed and seems to be doing very well after her operation.  She is growing quickly and is already over 5 lbs, but I am sure you expected that given she was the biggest of the litter!  She eats great and you can always find her under something - under Emma's bed is a favorite, on the dining room chairs hiding under the table, even under a small footstool in our bathroom.  Oh yes, we have determined she is very attracted to water - she likes to stick her head in the shower curtain when someone is in there and recently has discovered toilets (so we now keep the lids closed all the time!).  And a favorite place to play seems to be in the tub (when there is no water in it!)

As for her demeanor, well she is just a sweetheart and all that we hoped for in a pet kitten.  Like her mom, she is a total purring machine (its amazing how loud a sound she can make!) and she loves for you to rub her ears.  And thank goodness, she seems to have little issue with the girls constantly picking her up and carrying her, so she is incredibly good natured which was what I had hoped for when we picked the ragdoll breed.  We have only had Gypsy a few months, and even though we never had a cat and pretty much though we were a "dogs only" family before, we are totally in love with her and can't imagine home without without her.   

Thank you again for our beautiful Gypsy girl! 

Pictures of all the above cats from our cattery can be seen as kittens in our photo gallery. Take a look!

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