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At The Show

TGC. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen

WillowTreeRags Cannoli (5 months) at Ragdolls Around the World (RAW) Congress in Las Vegas, NV, October 2013, where he was awarded 2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten in the entire show by TICA judge Fate Mays.

We will be attending these upcoming shows:

How it all started:

WillowTreeRags visited their first show in 2004 with Ch. Angaline's Donatello. Although I wanted to keep showing, Donatello did not enjoy it as much as I wished. Donatello had his last litter with Lady Abigale Byers (Xanka) in October of 2005, that was when WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen was born. In February of 2006, Donatello produced a litter with TrexDolls' Clancy, a very large litter of 7, with a male kitten who immediately stole my heart, with his loving personality, huge paws, and stunning expression! There was no doubt in my mind that WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo was going to stay with me, and make a huge impact in the show curcuit. These two babies, a branch off of Donatello, would be my two homegrown show babies, as well as my two kings of my cattery.

I started showing Apollo & Hans alongside eachother in August of 2006, and attended all shows in the Northeast Region (TICA), and also attended one CFA show with Hans, where he recieved his Championship title. Showing was a semi-new, exciting experience for me. I've gotten to know some of the best ragdoll breeders out there, and am very fortunate to have them as friends who were always there to stand up for me, congratulate me, and support me, especially when things got a little rough. Without these couple of breeders, I wouldn't have had such an amazing time showing, traveling, and competing (friendly competition) against their own gorgeous cats. These few people I would say changed my life, I will be forever greatful for their loving friendship. Thank you again.
I love you guys (you know who you are)!

I also thank the people who have taken the time to introduce themselves at shows, and those who always believed in me.

Father & Son: WillowTreeRags' Cydonia Firemyst (left) & RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo (right).

WillowTreeRags' Pip of VeritasDolls (Seal Point Mitted) winning Best of Breed in a Kitten Class against many other kittens in August 2009 at the TICA NE Regional.


I took my camera this year to the 2010 TICA NE Regional, and was able to snap a photo of my 2 adults winning best of color in each of their color classes. #132 is RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Claus Hansen, best of the Blue Point Bicolors, and #129 is SGC. WillowTreeRags' Genevieve Hansdatter at only 9 months, who is the Best Seal Point Bicolor in her color. In this ring Claus went on to winning Best of Division, out of all the particolor Ragdolls. Both of my kitties were against many other New England breeder's Ragdolls, and both achieved the most best of color awards out of all the adult bicolors. Genevieve was also the BEST Ragdoll in the whole show, out of more than 20 Ragdolls, at only 9 months old, bringing home 7 finals, most of which were very high. She received a "BEST CAT", and a couple seconds, and 3rd and a 4th! She did outstanding, and we hope she can continue this.

WillowTreeRags Making History:

In March 2009, WillowTeeRags made Ragdoll and CFA History! Our home-grown boy, RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags Apollo Amadeo (known as "GC. Willow Rags' Apollo Amadeo" in CFA) achieved his GRAND CHAMPION status! This made Apollo the first EVER Seal Point Mitted Grand Champion in CFA, as well as the FIRST Male Grand Champion EVER in CFA!

After many struggles and a group of devoted and driven Ragdoll Breeders, CFA finally accepted the Colorpoint and Mitted Ragdolls to show to Championship Status in CFA on May 1st, 2008 (the beginning of the CFA 2008-2009) show season. With this great feat, many mitteds started being shown proudly by their wonderful breeders and owners. Two Mitteds quickly made it to Grand Premier (both were Seal Point Mitteds- male and female). A beautiful female Blue Point Mitted then achieved Grand Champion Status and gained respect from many judges. Apollo was the next, and the first male and Seal Point Mitted ragdoll to achieve the Grand Champion title. We are so very proud of Apollo, making Ragdoll History!

Below are some pictures of GC. Willow Rags' Apollo Amadeo showing at about 3 years old in CFA!

GC. Willow Rags' Apollo Amadeo with CFA judge Lois Jensen having a conversation. :)

GC. Willow Rags' Apollo Amadeo with CFA judge Iris Tanner!

GC. Willow Rags' Apollo Amadeo with one of his FAVORITE CFA Judges, Walter Hutzler. :)

Thank you to: Gary Veach, Walter Hutzler, Nancy Dodds, Kim Everret-Hirsch, and Lynn Search for their wonderful compliments on Apollo. I have to say I really enjoy and respect the comments made by these CFA judges. These judges had no problem pointing out specific strong points that Apollo has, and were delighted to see such a nice mitted. It was a joy and honor to be in all of these judge's Championship finals. Thank you all for keeping your loyalty to Apollo from show-to-show. You all made it so special for Apollo & I! :)

Thanks especially to my lovely Polly who put up with me showing from 4 months old throughout 3 full show seasons in TICA & CFA. You are my favorite little man in the whole world, and such a special cat with a wonderful outgoing pesonality. When I think of a ragdoll, your handsome face comes to mind! Thanks for playing the part on the judging stand and doing your business, I couldn't have asked for a better cat, you have it all in my book, Polly! I'm so proud of you!

Our Home-Bred Show Cats Living At WillowTreeRags:

TICA 2 X Regional Winner


WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo
TICA 2006-2007
13th Best Longhaired Cat in the NE Region!
3rd Best Ragdoll in the NE Region!
2nd Best Seal Mitted in the NE Region!
3rd Best Seal Mitted INTERNATIONALLY!
Seal Point Mitted
Sire: Ch. Angaline's Donatello (Blue Point Bicolor)
Dam: TrexDolls' Clancy (Seal Point Bicolor)

WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen
TICA 2006-2007
3rd BEST Blue Point Bicolor in the NE Region!
Blue Point Bicolor
Sire: Ch. Angaline's Donatello (Blue Point Bicolor)
Dam: Lady Abigale Byers A.K.A. "Xanka" (Blue Point Mitted)

WillowTreeRags' Genevieve Hansdatter

Seal Point Bicolor
Sire: TICA TGC/CFA CH. WillowTreeRags Hans Donsen (Blue Point Bicolor)
Dam: Mendelian Geneva of WillowTreeRags (Seal Point Bicolor)

WillowTreeRags' Claus Hansen
TICA 2009-2010 Awards
TICA NW's 17th BEST Longhair Cat
5th BEST Ragdoll in the NW Region after going to just 2 shows!
Blue Point Bicolor
Sire: TICA TGC/CFA CH. WillowTreeRags Hans Donsen (Blue Point Bicolor)
Dam: SerenityRags' Savannahs Dream of WillowTreeRags (Blue Point Mitted)

WillowTreeRags Show Offspring:

SGCA. WillowTreeRags Mr.BoJangles

Seal Point Mitted
Sire: TICA RW SGC/CFA GC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo (Seal Point Mitted)
Dam: TICA CH/CFA CH. WillowTreeRags' Silk Stocking (Blue Colorpoint)




Isn't he stunning?? Mr. BoJangles is his name, and what a striking and handsome boy he is! Mr. BoJangles is lovingly owned, shown, and cared for by Holly Gonsalves! Holly has presented Mr. BoJangles is flawless condition, with perfect grooming at every show. Holly originally chose our cattery to adopt her first Ragdoll baby from, and waited for the perfect Seal Point Mitted (show quality) baby to come along! Holly had first choice of my future litters, and more specifically the litter of four between TICA RW SGC/CFA GC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo & TICA CH/CFA CH. WillowTreeRags' Silk Stocking in which there were three perfectly marked Seal Point Mitted boys! With only a tiny bit of my own advice, Holly picked her winner! It is clear now that she made the perfect choice choosing him! Mr. Bo has outweighed and out measured any guidelines on Ragdoll size that have existed in the past. WOW!! At every milestone, he is LARGE for his age. You can see a photo of him below at just 7 months old, he is the size of an adult already! Mr. BoJangles is BUILT! He has a broad chest, big wide legs, and is muscular ALL over!! Mr. BoJangles is a very similar breeding to TICA RW SGCA/CFA PR. WilllowTreeRags' Irish Fancy, who was shown as an alter during the 2009-2010 Show Season. Irish Fancy, known as "Clancy" was out of Mr. BoJangles' grandmother- IowasBestRags' Holly, and was also by Mr. BoJangles' father, Apollo. So they are not only half brothers, but Mr.BoJangles' mother Silk is out of Clancy's mother Holly. With only the Hans line added to Mr. BoJangles, he is just as perfect as Clancy once was, and just as successful in the show halls. He definitely outweighs and is larger than Clancy was at his age, which is great to see! Mr. BoJangles was able to inherit Hans' gorgeous blue eyes, and his super fluffy, bunny-like coat. He is simply stunning, and will take your breath away with his regal beauty! Although Mr. Bo is Holly's first show cat, she had his flawless grooming down at her very first show-I was amazed!! Holly's passion for showing Mr. BoJangles shines through every little detail she makes sure is perfect at the show. Most importantly, Mr. Bo is completely spoiled at the shows (and at home) by Holly and her husband Chuck. Their love for their precious boy is so apparent, he could not have a better home! Mr. BoJangles is lucky to live in their home, and *we* are so lucky to call them our friends! Mr. BoJangles received a BEST ALTER final by TICA judge Jimmy Reardon in Augusta, ME on March 18th, 2012 at only 11 months, and another on August 18th, 2012 at the TICA Northeast Regional from judge Paul Lahey, making Mr. BoJangles a SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION! Yet another Mitted Supreme, sired by Apollo! We are SO PROUD!!!!

WillowTreeRags' Mr. BoJangles at only 7 months old with TICA Judge Pamela Barrett, receiving an Allbreed Final!

RW SGC. WillowTreeRags Fritz of ClancysRags

Blue Point Bicolor
Sire: TICA TGC/CFA CH. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen (Blue Point Bicolor)
Dam: TICA CH. Wiseacres Graceful Lady (Blue Colorpoint)






Now introducing, Alex! Alex is currently being shown in TICA, by our good friend Katie Clancy (who had shown successfully, TICA RW SGCA. WillowTreeRags' Irish Fancy in the 2009-2010 Show Season). Katie is presenting Alex beautifully at the shows, and he has done very well! At every adult show thus far he has picked up a "BEST CAT"! His first from Marilyn Dombrowski, and second from Connie Webb (in an AB ring with over 70 AB Cats). Alex is "the real deal", and such a testament to the superior quality produced by his sire TICA TGC. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen. Hans continues to throw his flawless type, straight "V" and perfect markings, amazingly vivid blue eyes (these photos aren't touched up, that is Alex's true eye color), and gorgeous bunny-soft coats. I've never seen a Ragdoll so consistent in throwing their quality over and over when paired to various girls. Since Alex was such a Hans-Replica, we registered his name as "Fritz", something we lovingly call his father at home!

On March 4th, 2012 in Providence, RI, Alex received his "BEST CAT" from TICA judge Carol Lawson, Alex is now a SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION! Alex is the third Supreme for his sire Hans, and we know he's the third of many. Thank you Katie for showing and loving Alex as much as you do!!


TICA QGC. WillowTreeRags Eisenhans

Photo by Diana Starr/Starrlight Photography

Blue Point Mitted

Sire: TICA TGC/CFA CH. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen

Dam: Ellendora of WillowTreeRags

This handsome Blue Point Mitted boy is Eisenhans. Photographed above as just a baby at 9 months old. Eisenhans has solid weight, thick boning, wide chest, super plush bunny coat furnished with the most amazing plume tail, flawless type with a block of a chin, those gorgeous mascara eyes... and so much more! Eisenhans is such a fantastic example of the breed, and a stunning Blue Point Mitted. Eisenhans received his QUADRUPLE GRAND CHAMPION title the weekend of July 19th-21st, 2013 in York, PA at the TICA Mid-Atlantic Regional. Late July he will fly to his new anxious mother, my friend and fellow Ragdoll breeder, Aleksandra Turjak in New Zealand. Eisenhans will reign as her new stud, and I know he's going to be an exceptional addition, providing her with even more success and joy in many years to come.

RW SGC. WillowTreeRags Neptune of EmbleMystic

Blue Point Mitted
Sire: TICA RW SGC/CFA GC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo (Seal Point Mitted)
Dam: TICA GC. RhetoricalRags' Honeybun Hansdatter (Blue Point Mitted)



Neptune is lovingly owned by Danielle Courtright of EmbleMystic Ragdolls in Louisiana! Danielle has become a wonderful friend, traveling long distances with Neptune to show him off. He has done so well, and we are SO proud that this boy is already a Quadruple Grand Champion in TICA! Neptune is just waiting for his elusive "BEST CAT" to finally grant him his well-deserved Supreme Grand Champion title! Neptune is the son of TICA RW SGC/CFA GC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo & TICA GC. RhetoricalRags' Honeybun Hansdatter, which means Neptune has not only our Apollo foundation line, but also our Hans foundation line! Neptune is a beautiful mix of both of his parents, his expression is very much like Honeybun's, as well as his nature! His muscular build and big strong body comes from his father Apollo. Neptune has lovely type, and flawless markings. He is a perfect boy, with a wonderful temperament. Neptune will go on to be Danielle's foundation stud at her cattery, and I know will produce many, many show winners and beloved healthy pets in the future! Thank you Danielle for loving Neptune, and so confidently bringing him to shows as a new breeder with only support from a far! We love you both!!

Neptune was Supremed by Canie Brooks in early Fall 2012!! Congratulations, Danielle & Neptune! Yet ANOTHER Mitted Supreme for Apollo!


10th Best Allbreed Kitten in the NE Region
2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten in the NE Region

Sire: TICA TGC/CFA CH. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen

Dam: TICA DGC. DaisyDolls Faith of WillowTreeRags

Hanselina has had monsterous success at her cat shows! In only 3 TICA shows, she had a total of 31 finals, including many BEST KITTENS! Hanselina is truly an exceptional girl, from her wonderful body confirmation to her flawless profile, bunny coat, and eye color... she's truly unbeatable!! For her quick show success Hanselina earned a Regional Win! She is also the 11th Best Ragdoll Kitten, INTERNATIONALLY! What a feat for a kitten who only attended 3 shows! Hanselina now lives with my friend Aleksandra Turjak of Von Imp Ragdolls in New Zealand.

QGC. WillowTreeRags' Zinnea Rose

Seal Torbie Point Bicolor
Sire: TICA RW QGC/CFA CH. Tatjana Tao Shang of WillowTreeRags (Seal Point Bicolor)
Dam: RidgeRags Ruby of WillowTreeRags (Flame Lynx Point Mitted)

Zoie is a beautiful Seal Torbie Point Bicolor lovingly owned by Rendi Bolton! Rendi originally contacted me with interest in getting on my waiting list for my next available Tortie girl. Rendi was very specific in the kitten she wanted, and was willing to wait for the "right one" to come along. When Zoie was born, Rendi visited with both her and Zoie's sister (another Tortie). In the end, she chose to take home Zoie! Zoie was born on St. Patrick's Day of 2010 to TICA RW QGC/CFA CH. Tatjana Tao Shang of WillowTreeRags & RidgeRags Ruby of WillowTreeRags. Zoie has done exceptionally well for a Tortie showing in TICA. The judges LOVE her, and compliment her on her beautiful, intense contrasting markings and colors. Zoie is a HUGE girl, she is very long with a lot of substance. Her expression and facial features are a perfect blend of both of her parents! She is also the 1/2 sister of our own TICA QGC. WillowTreeRags' Priscilla Hansdatter! Zoie has done both me and Rendi extremely proud, she is well on her way to Supreme Grand Champion Alter status in TICA thanks to Rendi's love and flawless grooming and care! We are SO proud of Zoie and thankful to Rendi for showing her and doing our name proud!! It is so great to have walking testimonials alongside with us at cat shows- many of our pet families/owners decide to show their gorgeous WillowTreeRag babies, without any urging from us. To me, it is extremely special. It is one of the highest compliments to receive as a breeder! Thank you again, Rendi!!

Photo by Helmi- Clancy at only 10 months old!

RW SGCA. WillowTreeRags' Irish Fancy AKA "Clancy"

Seal Point Mitted
Sire: RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo (Seal Point Mitted)
 Dam: IowasBestRags Holly of WillowTreeRags (Blue Point Mitted)







Clancy is a Seal Point Mitted Alter from IowasBestRags' Holly & RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo (the FIRST Seal Point Mitted CFA Grand Champion in HISTORY). It is obvious that Clancy takes his outstanding qualities from both of his top quality and recording breaking parents. He is lovingly owned and being shown by his wonderful Mom, Katie Clancy! To add to Clancy's outstanding qualities he has an extra flashy white tail tip! Although a color fault (like a hock spot or mismarked mitten), because of him being perfect elsewhere it does NOT effect how he does in the show halls. Thanks to Katie he's had GREAT success in the show halls. In the above picture he is 8 months and over 10lbs! An extra "Thank You" goes to his owner for allowing us to talk her into showing her beloved WillowTreeRags guy! Of course we have to thank Clancy as well for putting up with showing and jumping straight into it like a pro with no issues at 8 months old. Clancy has reached the highest title in TICA, Supreme Grand Champion Alter, just like his father, RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo! Congrats to Clancy and his wonderful owner, Katie! More awards to come for sure. He is not done wowing the judges!! ;)

Update: Clancy got 3 other *BEST ALTER* finals in Paul Lahey's AllBreed rings on November 7th & 8th, 2009 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and in Jeff Roberts' ring at the Westchester, NY show on November 22nd, 2009! Congrats to Clancy in a very competitive class of alters against some very nice bicolor Ragdoll males.

Update: The weekend of March 20th-21st, 2010 in Reading, PA, Clancy finished as 2nd BEST ALTER in SHOW! He was also THE *BEST* Ragdoll Alter in show! He received a final (ribbon) in 11 out of 12 finals, with great competition! One of the judges who finaled him called him the best GROOMED cat in the whole show (out of over 100 cats), two weeks prior at a show in Providence, RI another judge called him the BEST Ragdoll in the whole show (there were over 20 entered)! We are very proud of Clancy, who was originally sold "JUST" as a stay-at-home pet! The first week of April 2010, Clancy received MORE BEST ALTER finals at a show in Milford, MA! He did outstanding in TICA, and we are so proud of him and glad the judges and breeders who had a chance to see him this year were also mesmerized by his stunning good looks.

Photo by Helmi- Clancy at only 10 months old!

Photo by Chanan, Clancy at 1.7 yrs old, in Reading, PA, March 2010. 

He is the full brother to Rue, pictured a few kitties down on the page.




Sire: TICA RW SGC/CFA GC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo

Dam: TICA QGC. RhetoricalRags' Honeybun Hansdatter

Orpheus now lives with his new, loving family in New Jersey! He was shown by us in the kitten and alter class in 2012/2013 when he obtained his Champion title in the only show he attended as an adult at 9 months. Orpheus had to be neutered after finding out he only had one testicle. This is one of our favorite breedings, especially after we were blessed by having such a stunning boy like Orpheus. He was truly perfect. Orpheus is the full brother of TICA RW SGC. WillowTreeRags' Neptune of Emblemystic!

QGC. WillowTreeRags' Pip of VeritasDolls

Seal Point Mitted
Sire: RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo (Seal Point Mitted)
 Dam: Inez Cyann of WillowTreeRags (Seal Point Bicolor)





This is Pip, he is a Seal Point Mitted, and I just don't even know where to start with how simply amazing Pip is. He reminds me so much of his father, TICA RW. SGC. & CFA GC WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo, who made history in 2009 in CFA, being the first Seal Point Mitted Grand Champion ever, as well as the first Mitted male Grand Champion, ever. Pip has all of the same outstanding qualities his father has. Honestly, there is not one trait in Pip that I would choose to correct. Pip has perfect type, a nice strong chin, great change of direction, outstanding head type, ear set, ear size, forehead, great eye shape, and an outstanding expression on his face (just like Apollo's). He has markings that look painted on they are so perfect and neat. He is a very good size boy, with GREAT body and tail length, and a wonderful bunny coat with a nice thick tail. To match his tip-top looks, his personality is just outstanding, every single Ragdoll quality the Ragdoll is famous for- he has! The photo above was taken at a cat show, and he's sitting there extremely relaxed! Pip is just a kitten right now, and joins the adult Class in late August 2009. We expect him to follow in his father's footsteps! Thank you Sue for keeping Pip in such outstanding condition, loving him to pieces, allowing me to show him when I travel, and choosing him to be your foundation male.

Photos were taken of Pip at only 8 months old at the TICA 2009 Annual in Orlando, FL.

TICA CH. WillowTreeRags' Amelia


Seal Point Mitted
Sire: TGC. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen (Blue Point Bicolor)
 Dam: Mendelian Geneva of WillowTreeRags (Seal Point Bicolor)

This is lovely Amelia, a Seal Point Mitted out of Mendelian Geneva & TGC. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen. In Amelia's litter there was many outstanding kittens with lovely markings and great type! Her first show was in Lancaster, PA on Oct 31st, Nov 1st-2nd, and she did very well for a 4 month old baby!

Isn't she adorable?!

TICA CH. WillowTreeRags' Emily of RhetoricalRags




Blue Point Mitted

Sire: TGC. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen (Blue Point Bicolor)
 Dam: Mendelian Geneva of WillowTreeRags (Seal Point Bicolor)

This is beautiful Emily, a Blue Point Mitted out of Geneva & Hans' first litter. Emily belongs to our dear friend Charlotte Dobachesky of RhetoricalRags! Emily is a truly outstanding Ragdoll. She has BIG beautiful vivid, vibrant and highly saturated blue, blue, blue eyes!! She also has some of the most phenominal coat contrast and point color i've ever seen on a Ragdoll! Her points are intense, saturated, slate blue, and her body color is very, very light. Her profile is FLAWLESS. Perfect chin, and nice strong change of direction on her. Beautiful ear set and size. She is a nice long girl, with serious weight! Her coat is thick and plush, she never needs extra grooming to look stunning! She ALWAYS looks good. She is the sister of WillowTreeRags' Amelia of Medieval (photographed above), and WillowTreeRags' Genevieve Hansdatter (living with us). Hans & Geneva sure do know how to make some truly outstanding kittens. It is a simply incredible breeding with an out of this world pedigree. I am so glad to have found two breeders to trust with this precious line. Emily will be shown Spring 2010 in TICA, and possibly CFA. Thank you Charlotte for loving yet another of my cats! We're a quite the team!

Above photo is Emily at approximately 8 months old.

WillowTreeRags' Casper

Seal Point Mitted
Sire: TICA RW SGC/CFA GC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo (Seal Point Mitted)
Dam: TICA CH. WillowTreeRags' Amelia (Seal Point Mitted)

Casper is a gorgeous big Apollo boy.

The above photos of Casper are property of Gus Photography, taken when Casper was just 6 months old. Full brother of TICA SGC. WillowTreeRags What All Women Want, TICA QGC. WillowTreeRags Slybr8 of Magnadolz, TICA DGC. WillowTreeRags' Cherry Blossom of Fishbone, WillowTreeRags Once Upon A Dream, and WillowTreeRags Javapurrose. One of the very best breedings. Anyone who has a Ragdoll from this line will appreciate the health, large bodies, super sweet personalities and typey heads.

RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Claus Hansen





Blue Point Bicolor
Sire: TGC. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen (Blue Point Bicolor)
 Dam: SerenityRags' Savannahs Dream (Blue Point Mitted)

Claus is a beautiful Blue Point Bicolor male from TGC. WillowTreeRags Hans Donsen & SerenityRags Savannahs Dream! He is the grandson of my two foundation cats, so he is extremely precious to me. Claus holds so many traditional traits within him that have been lost in the breed. His wonderful coat bunny texture which is beautifully full and long in the right places, a nice long body, long tail and that wonderful playful, floppy, sweet ragdoll personality. He is perfectly marked, with not a dot of color out of place. His inverted "V" on his face mask is painted-on perfect. He takes the very best from his parents, and carries great lineage. He now lives with Marilyn & Corky in British Columbia, Canada with the Ragalong Cattery. We hope he continues his show success, and cannot wait to see his beautiful kittens. In Claus' 2nd TICA show in the Northwest, he received ****10 FINALS**** against some other very nice Ragdolls! Thanks for taking such wonderful care of him, Marilyn!

On November 21st, 2010, Claus achieved his Supreme Grand Champion status in TICA, this is the highest possible title! He was awarded his BEST CAT by Lynne Sherer, thank you to Lynne for seeing the beauty in our loving boy!! He is such a dream to show at 2.5 years old, very outgoing in great condition!

Photo by Helmi Flick on January 30th, 2011.


WillowTreeRags' Juliet of Ragalicious
Seal Tortie Point Mitted
Sire: TGC. WillowTreeRags Hans Donsen (Blue Point Bicolor)
Dam: PerfectRags Maggie Is A Mystery (Seal Torbie Point Bicolor)

This beloved girl is Juliet! She is a Seal Tortie Point Mitted out of Maggie & Hans. She has a perfect profile, outstanding type, great body, markings, and nice "bunny coat". She is so traditional. Take a look at those gorgeous eyes, they are NOT touched up! That is her true eye color. Eye color that comes with her father's nice traditional lines, that he loves to pass onto his offspring- like Juliet! Juliet is owned by Patsy Osmond in Canada! She is being shown and earning titles in CCA & ACFA! Thanks again Patsy for keeping me updated, and for these gorgeous photos!

She is the full brother of WillowTreeRags' Gunther's Tiger, a Seal Lynx Point Mitted alter we own. You can see his photo on our "Ragdoll Breed" page. He has the same intense eye color!

WillowTreeRags' Cydonia Firemyst

TICA 2007-2008:

Best Flame Point Bicolor Ragdoll in the NE Region

3rd Best Flame Point Bicolor Ragdoll in TICA, internationally!

Flame Point Bicolor
Sire: RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo (Seal Point Mitted)
 Dam: PerfectRags' Maggie Is A Mystery (Seal Torbie Point Bicolor)

Cydonia now lives with Ellie in CT. He was a perfectly marked Flame Point Bicolor, and he's pictured at exactly 8 months old, what a big guy!

WillowTreeRags' Raggedy Andy

Blue Point Bicolor
Sire: Ch. Angaline's Donatello (Blue Point Bicolor)
 Dam: Lady Abigale Byers AKA "Xanka" (Blue Point Mitted)

Andy resides in Prince Edward Islands, Canada! Thank you Karen MacPhee for treating him like royalty! Andy was from our 2nd Litter between Donatello & Xanka! Yet, another PERFECT and drop dead handome Ragdoll from this pair. He is only 7 months in the photos above. Andy is the full brother to TGC. WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen. What beautiful lines run through these outstanding cats. He is 100% traditional. Andy was the FIRST breeder we ever sold.

Update: WillowTreeRags' Raggedy Andy traveled all the way back down to Massachusetts in November 2009-February 2010 from Prince Edward Islands to help Charlotte Dobachesky of RhetoricalRags produce some outstanding kittens. Although Andy is now back with Karen MacPhee, is lovely owner, his kittens have just begun to arrive with Charlotte! Charlotte and I are hoping we have some wonderful show babies in the mix for ourselves. These are highly anticipated litters! Thank you Karen for allowing me to borrow our male back home for a few months. We appreciate it! One of Andy's babies will fly back up to PEI to join Karen's cattery. :)

WillowTreeRags' Raggedy Andy at almost 5 years old. He looks so much like his brother Hans! Thank you Karen for loving him for all of these years!


WillowTreeRags' Apollon Rubellius

Seal Point Mitted
Sire: RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo (Seal Point Mitted)
 Dam: IowasBestRags' Holly of WillowTreeRags (Blue Point Mitted)

Rue is out of IowasBestRags' Holly of WillowTreeRags & RW. SGC. WillowTreeRags' Apollo Amadeo! He is a Seal Point Mitted. Rue now resides as a breeder in New York! Thank you Dawn for giving him a loving home and being such a wonderful, loving kitty-mom! His first litter at his new home, created two beautiful, chubby, mitted kitties! They are simply gorgeous, just like Rue baby!

Ch. Kaliope Daydream of WillowTreeRags

TICA 2007-2008:

3rd Best Blue Point Mitted in the NE Region

Kaliope decided she was not cut out for breeding, and she is now retired living with Gund & Poppy two of our previous kittens!

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